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September 15-18, 2021
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.



October 28-31, 2021
Tashkent, Uzbekistan



November 18-21, 2021
Dhaka, Bangladesh


The “Council for Justice, Equality and Peace” (Cojep international) created in 1999 has its head office in Strasbourg (France). Our NGO has consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations, UNESCO (NGO Liaison Commit-tee), the Council of Europe (Conference of NGOs) and the OECD, and is accredited to the European Parliament and to the OSCE and FRA.

I had the opportunity to participate with COJEP on the issue of Security Council reforms and to learn about the great work and activities that this staff is doing on several themes.
I warmly salute their efforts and I thank them for inviting me to participate with them.
Good luck and keep it up.

Larayedh AliEx-Prime Minister of the Tunis

The conditions for implementing the Coercive Action of the Security Council no longer correspond to the new configuration of the world. It is therefore right that COJEP advocates for the UN security reform.


On this December 18 in Geneva, united by the desire to promote peace in the world, contribute to the social and economic developments of people around the world, let us ask for a reform of the United Nations Security Council!

Auguste ESSEMA

Today, December 18, 2019, the Pan-African League - UMOJA, through my voice, supports the structural reforms of the United Nations system so that there is a Peace in the World.

Henda Diogéne SENNY

We see recently in Pakistan specially in the Kashmir, people have no food, no water. Basically, they are living in a war. So, my urge is to make initiative to solve the issue.

Henda Diogéne SENNYFrom Kashmir, Pakistan

May all the people in the world have abundance, prosperity and unlimited resources to help them live to their fullest potential.

Henda Diogéne SENNYMayor Union New-Jersey

When dream is dreamt alone, it is just a dream. But when it becomes a dream of all, it becomes a reality. HWPL will achieve cessation of war and world peace, altogether!


Dedicated people coming together for the best of all humanity, there is no more important mission. Thank you all you do.

Deacon Yves Lesein CanadaCaptain

The world always needs peace and justice to live in harmony with human race.

Ralph KaderUnited Nations Chief of peace keeping operation

Wishing Peace and Justice the World - Best of choice in this most important mission!

Governor Daniel MckeeState of Rhone Island

Today is December 18,2019, as we are in Geneva, as a world peace ambassador and representative of cope to United Nations, I urge the United Nations to promote Peace, to end poverty, hunger, ensuring good health, promote gender equality, access to water and sanitation, reduce inequality for a sustainable development in the World!

Hugues SanonH.E. Ambassador

The leaders should be stop to monopolizing a segment of societies and dynamiting all segments of societies, and with this avoid marginalization.

Philip RamosAssembly member for the 6th District of the New York Assembly

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