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Civil Society Capacity Building program covers topics such as “Place and role of civil society”, “Access to international funds and project techniques”, “Lobbying in international organizations”, “Right Seeking Mechanisms in International Organizations” and many more. Qualified experts share their experiences with members of civil society.

In this framework there has been a visit to Azerbaijan about Civil Society Capacity Building Program

A delegation consisting of COJEP International President Ali Gedikoğlu, Secretary General Celil Yılmaz, COJEP Eurasia Coordinator Nushaba Mammadova, Erdem Uysal and Ms. Fulya were in Baku for the COJEP Eurasia Civil Society Capacity Building Program.

Among the participants of the program, the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Azerbaijan, Assoc. Dr. Cahit Bağcı, TIKA Baku Program Coordinator Fatih Yılmaz and NGO Representatives also took part.

The first day of the program was reserved for official talks.

Conversations continued with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mahmut Mamadguliyev and Head of the Office for Cooperation with International Human Rights Institutions Aysel Yagubova.

Information about Cojep Eurasia projects was given by our warmly welcomed team at each meeting. Global Civil Solidarity Forum Eurasia Baku project was introduced and their support was requested. The officials, who listened to the project carefully, stated that the necessary support would be given by the parties for the realization of the project in Baku.

A visit was also made to the Youth Support Fund Foundation. During the meeting with Foundation President Ahmet Tecim and his team, consultations were held on joint collaborations.

Then, the Civil Society Capacity Building Training Program was carried out.

It was observed that there was a great interest in the program by Azerbaijani non-governmental organizations.

The formation, attended by a hundred heads of non-governmental associations, was carried out successfully. The program continued with opening speeches, conferences and presentations.

The opening started with the speeches of Agacavid Ramazanov – Deputy Head of the State Service for the Protection, Development and Restoration of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Celil Yılmaz – COJEP Secretary General, and Cahid Bağcı – Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Baku. In his speech at the event, Ambassador Bağcı emphasized the importance of NGOs acting together in regional and global issues.

Stating that the Turkish world NGOs should act in unity, Bağcı said, “We need to raise our sensitivity to global issues. Today, the oppressed have the opportunity to defend their rights more strongly. It is obvious that the need to come together and raise their voice in every field.”

COJEP Chairman Ali Gedikoğlu stated that they aim to share experience and create a culture of solidarity among NGOs and said, “We need to develop new solidarity strategies among NGOs for the solution of global problems. We need to develop a synergy that focuses on justice, where African and Eurasian NGOs come together.”

Stating that NGOs are the strongest dynamics of countries, Yılmaz said, “We must use our potential more effectively for the development of our countries and for a fairer world. We believe that a fairer world will be possible with the cooperation and solidarity of NGOs. The way to realize this is to lay the strong foundations of cooperation in the world. ” as an assessment.

The event continued with presentations titled “Place and role of civil society”, “Turkey as a model country for a fair world and corporate collaborations”, “Access to International Funds and Project Techniques”, “Media and Civil Society Relations” and “Lobbying in International Organizations”.

Presentations of the Civil Society Capacity Building Program were held.

The program ended with the taking of family photos and the distribution of certificates.

On the third and last day, a meeting was held with Azerbaijani youth. The meeting held in the conference hall of  Youth Support Fund Foundation Center. COJEP Chairman Ali Gedikoğlu talked about the developments in Europe, the developments in the world and the responsibilities of Eurasian youth in the face of these developments.

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