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In 2021, COJEP International held the third and last of the Civil Society Capacity Building Program had carried out with the support of TIKA (Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency) in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, with the intense participation of Bangladeshi associations.

The COJEP delegation, which went to Dhaka the day before the program, visited the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Dhaka, Mr. Mustafa Osman Turan, in his office and gave information about COJEP Eurasia actions.













In the evening of the same day, our delegation accepted the SKUS Association and listened to the presentation about the activities of the association.

On the second day, the Civil Society Capacity Building Dhaka Program was held. The program started with the opening and greeting speech of Mr. Tasrif Chowdhury, COJEP Eurasia coordinator.












Afterwards, Asif Khan, Assistant Coordinator of COJEP International Relations, took the floor and informed the participants about the program.








The guest of honor of the program, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Dhaka, Mr. Mustafa Osman Turan, spoke about the importance of the Civil Society Capacity Training Program.











He stated that he knows COJEP from the Vienna OSCE studies and COJEP  is an institution that from its international experience a benefit must be taken. He stated that mutual exchange of information, getting to know each other, getting closer is very valuable for producing new and different things. He said that for this start to be permanent and sustainable, the parties should work together.

COJEP Chairman Âli Gedikoğlu gave the opening conference of the meeting. He spoke about the importance of the COJEP Global Network, which will bring non-governmental organizations together for a “Fairer World”.











Then the presentations started:

  1. Secretary General Celil Yılmaz, Relationship with Civil Society and Media
  2. Deputy Chairman Satı Arık, International Dispute Mechanisms in International Organizations and NGOs
  3. Satı Arık, Hikmet Hüseyin Baş, Civil Society & Lobbying in International Organizations & Cooperation and Partnership Opportunities with COJEP International
  4. Dhaka Office Deputy Coordinator Ahmet Faruk Mustakoğlu, Turkey as aModel Country for a Fairer World and Cooperation Opportunities
  5. Project Specialist Erdem Uysal, International funds, access to funds and project techniques
  6. COJEP Asia Secretary Armaan Ahmed Siddique Addressing The Digital Divide Surmount All Obstacles to Achieve SDG
  7. Tashrif Cowdhury, Head of COJEP Asia, Mohammad Aminul Haque, COJEP Asia Member, The Civil Society in Bangladesh and Its Potential/Recent Milestone of Bangladesh and Cojep’s Potential Role to Bring Positive Synergy Between Bangladesh and Turkey
  8. Fırat Keskin attended for the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) and talked about YTB activities and cooperation opportunities.


 The program ended with a family photo and the distribution of participant certificates.










On the third day of the program, the delegation headed by COJEP Chairman Ali Gedikoğlu visited an orphanage. Medical faculty students were given a conference about the representation of Bangladesh in international organizations by non-governmental organizations and the role of Bangladeshi youth.

On the same day, a protocol was signed with the SKUS Association on working together in international organizations.

This visit, which was held in Bangladesh within the framework of the Civil Society Capacity Building Program, completed with many successes.


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