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COJEP International “The International Council for Justice, Equality and Peace” was established in 1999 and is an international non-governmental organization headquartered in Strasbourg, France. Our NGO has consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), UNESCO (NGO Committee), the Council of Europe (NGOs Conference), OECD, and is an accredited organization by the European Parliament and the OSCE.

With many years of experience, COJEP has developed itself in areas such as immigration, immigrant status, citizenship, democratic participation, education and coexistence. The fight against racism and discrimination and international organizations are also the priorities of the COJEP movement.

COJEP International has completed its international structuring in the last 3 years in order to consolidate the “COJEP Global Network” with its 20 years of experience.

With the creation of COJEP’s official representations in Asia, Eurasia and Africa, COJEP has developed  “Do Something For a Fairer World” campaign, “A Breather For Humanity” campaign, “Role of Civil Society in International Organizations” for the formation of a Global Solidarity Movement.

In order to accelerate the solidarity momentum, COJEP has decided to develop this Network and carries out “Civil Society Capacity Building Programs“.

The main purpose of these events is to develop connections with the different regions where CCOJEP is located, to share an experience with each other and, above all, to create global solidarity to seek common concrete solutions to our problems and to influence international decision-making mechanisms.

In order to increase the interaction between the coordinatorships and to share the information and experiences arising from these interactions with the world, the “COJEP Diplomatic” bulletin, which is published in English, has started to be published. In addition, civil solidarity forums have been planned and preparatory studies have been initiated in order to increase the cooperation between the countries of each region and the civil society.

In 2021, Civil Society Capacity Building Programs were successfully carried out in Africa-Congo Democratic Republic of Kinshasa, Eurasia in Azerbaijan Republic Baku and Bangladesh People’s Republic Dhaka.

The Civil Society Capacity Building Training program was carried out successfully in the aforementioned countries as planned and with the successful work of our coordinators. Non-governmental organizations of the relevant countries and members of the non-governmental organizations of the relevant countries showed great interest in the capacity building program and each program was carried out with intense participation.

As stated in the project, experts on the subjects included in the program participated as speakers and informed non-governmental organizations. Our call for membership to the COJEP Global Network after the programs is more than expected. And that makes us  proud of the road that we are walking.

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